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Canterbury Women’s Club

The aim of the Canterbury Women’s Club is to reflect on and make real the positive women’s heritage abounding in both Provincial and City environments.   

Established in 1913 by three women with Literary and Visual Skills, who provided a focus for the growth of a nest where they could celebrate and communicate the civilising, socialising and challenging aspects of life for early rural and urban women.

101 years on, current opportunities have built on their vision so there are more ways for women to develop, support and participate – The province is rich because of its diverse resources of people, and stories but could be impoverished by rampant competition.

The Canterbury Women’s Club is offering women and other NFP empathic groups – Rural and Urban, indigenous and migrant – a chance to share their stories, to work together to create and sustain a welcoming inner city HUB.  

Women have held up at least half of the sky over the South Island as innovative community and inclusive rural and urban drivers doing it modestly THEIR WAY - they have been both good at it and although tired of systematic blockages not afraid of hard work to overcome them – there are an increasing number of role models to use and follow e.g Kate Sheppard.

Co-operation is a women’s way and NOW is the time to maximise that skill.  

Canterbury Women’s House and Founders’ Hall and its activity, are the place and way to promote Culture, Music, Heritage and Personal Development as well as on going collaboration and Sharing Ideas.

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